Things to Know

Please note that your items are made to order (with love!) and will take a couple days to be custom made, and then standard shipping time. I know, I get it...we want them tomorrow! We are too spoiled by that free two day shipping, and I wish this could be the same but for now we all have to be patient together. It's worth the wait! Plus! Shipping is FREE if you spend $75+!! Otherwise it is only $5.00


Please email us at if you have an idea for a shirt or other product! You can easily send us a logo as well if you need items made for your business or event. I add all custom work to the Custom Orders collection on the "Special Collections" menu. These items can then be easily ordered as usual, however please keep in mind that anyone can see them, and also order, in that collection.
If you have something you don't want in that public folder, please just let me know :) it would be no trouble to go a private route!